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  The product range from Super Agri Science is focused and based on a unique combination of biologically active molecules and substances. The objective is to achieve total production improvement through a holistic and long term treatment approach.

The product range focuses on pathogen reduction, optimizing metabolic systems, improving protein synthesis, protecting animal tissue from free radical damage, correcting pH and electrolyte balance, naturally suppressing inflammation, improving vascular systems through strengthening of the collagen tissues, improving liver capacity and boosting in vivo vitamin levels.

A larger focus on Salmonella control and reduction by authorities, retailers and consumers also requires companies to have in place a solid and fool proof system to reduce Salmonella and prevent it from entering the food chain on finished product level. Products such as Gutpro and Pathostop is perfectly suitable for preventing Salmonella from getting a foothold in either water, chicks, feed and the environment.

Natural substances such as bioflavonoids, nutrients, enzymes and other biologically active molecules from nature will play a core role in the treatment programs and products used by Super Agri Science.