Newsletter January 2019

First line of defense – The rise of non antibiotic growth promotion (NAGP’s)

Poultry meat remains the most popular source of protein for South Africans with per capita consumption of more than 40kg per person per year and increasing. The table egg per capita consumption per person is 8kg. This increase in consumption per capita of poultry products and consumer base growth, will increase production pressure under intensive farming conditions. Broiler meat produced per house surface will increase, as will eggs per hen per cycle, in order to keep cost of poultry products in line with consumer demand and fast food outlet affordability levels. High density farming will continue to put pressure on the health of the bird and on the gut and organs due to the rate of feed to live weight conversion required to produce efficiently and kg per house surface to be able to afford capital cost.

The use of antibiotics as a growth promoter and production optimizer, is dwindling due to reduced cost efficiency, consumer and legal pressure regarding fear of resistance build up. Producers will, over time, migrate to new products and management strategies other than antibiotics for production optimization. These First Line of Defence strategies and products will be proactive and focused on preventing health and malabsorption problems.

Routine antibiotic use specifically during the first 7 days will destroy the natural gut microflora that needs to develop during this period and lead to reduced weight gain and poor end weights. Antibiotics need to be protected for therapeutic use on a per flock basis and minimum period.

Non Antibiotic Growth Promotingproducts (NAGPs) will mainly centre around gut acidification (organic acids), essential aromatic oils, gut microflora substrates (fibres, complex carbohydrates and tannins), pol yphenol s (bioflavonoids ), probiotics, enzymes and enzyme system modulators and nutraceutical compounds such as s trong antioxidant complexes and minerals such as copper.

Super Agri Science has focused over the past ten years on the development and manufacture of NAGPs for the local market and has built up a complete range for every requirement and production system.

Our main NAGP products are:

  • Super Sal StopTM – Strong oxidizer combined with chlorate molecules for targeted pathogen kill effect in the gut and tissue.
  • Gutpro® – drinking water acidification product for the acidification of upper gut (crop, proventriculus and gizzard), water lines, biofilm removal and manure firming.
  • Super Air® – blend of aromatic essential oils for optimization of respiratory system and breathing and antibacterial and antiviral effects.
  • Super Vitamin P® – natural bioflavonoid combined with organic acid blend.
  • Super Tonic LiquidTM – liquid supplement with complete range of vitamins and minerals combined with growth amino acids.