Newsletter October 2018

New and additional feeding strategies – Part 2 – Filling the Nutrient Gaps

Feed programmes are formulated around a modelled average of nutrient demand for the average of a population. Factors such as environmental (temperature, density, ventilation, bedding quality, water availability), nutrient bio-availability, raw material quality and growth / production curve will all affect the population average demand. A certain portion of the population will always be overfed whilst the rest will be underfed. There will therefore always exist nutrient gaps whether it is energy, essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins or other type nutrients for any flock out there. The use of a balanced liquid feed such as Super Tonic will assist the production manager on farm to fill the gaps and ensure an optimal growth curve or egg output levels.

The reduction of egg production in the latter phase of a birds life could be slowed down with effective supply of nutrients that are highly bio- available and add a few extra eggs to the bird average. Super Tonic will further supply the important nutrients that are required for optimal sperm and egg cell quality and integrity to ensure optimal fertility and hatchability. Super Tonic contains high levels of the 4 essential amino acids lysine, methionine, threonine and tryptophan which are all critical for birds during high production demands or for older birds that must maintain production levels and egg quality before culling.

The Value of High Water Intake Most production managers will know that water is the most critical nutrient and that intake is important for growth. Lott et al (2003) showed that feed intake is 98% correlated with water intake. A reduction in water intake due to flow restrictions, cold air, water quality, disease challenge, overstocking etc. will thus reduce feed intake and growth and lead to poor FCR. The inclusion of Super Tonic Liquid in the water will increase water intake as birds prefer the nutrient rich water to normal water. Farm trials have shown a 25% faster intake or preference of Super Tonic water to normal water. If a broiler producer can get at least a 5% higher water intake under normal conditions this could lead to a 4.9% higher feed intake with faster growth.

Super Tonic Liquid can be supplemented at a rate of 2 litre to 5 litre per 1,000 litre drinking water for broilers, layers and breeders.

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