Newsletter July 2018

Super Vitamin P ® – The natural alternative to Antibiotic Growth Promoters

Tannins and polyphenols are becoming a buzzword in the chicken and pig industries as part of the solution to replace antibiotic based growth promoters. Antibiotics as we all know are being phased out due to regulatory and consumer pressure and also due to reduced efficiency. Low molecular polyphenols or bioflavonoids was in the past classified as a vitamin and called Vitamin P. This class of phenols are abundant in the plant kingdom and are some of the oldest plant molecules around. The role of these tannin like molecules in nature relates to protection of plants and animals against fungi, bacteria and viruses and also as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial substance for the animals that consumes these active molecules. Bioflavonoids (Super Vitamin P) are biologic active molecules and are active not only in the gut but also in the blood and tissue of animals when consumed. They act as antioxidant (stress buffer), anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, improve gut health and firm manure with less free ammonia. The anti-inflammatory action improve the gut lining leading to improved nutrient absorptionand digestibility. Bioflavonoids further binds the excess free nitrogen and free iron in the lower gut making it unavailable as nutrient to the lower gut pathogenic bacteria such as clostridium and e. coli. Super Agri has combined the power of tannins (bioflavonoids from the Acacia mearnsii tree) and organic acids to bring you a viable alternative as growth promoter and health optimization product called – Super Vitamin P®.

Super Vitamin P® has no withdrawal period and can be used in all animal species
making it a first choice product for egg layers and broilers.

For gut health problems or diarrhoea (wet manure) use for 3 to 5 days at a rate of 10 litres per 1,000 litres
drinking water for at least 8 hours per day.
For a prevention program use every three days for 8 hours per day during the cycle.
To prevent stress and loose manure during point of lay transfer give for three days before transfer and two
days after transfer. Can also be used for live broiler sales to give for three days before sale and transport.

Converting chicken mortalities to quality feed raw materials – Foodpro®

Super Agri Science in cooperation with CFAM Extruders from Potchefstroom has successfully preserved and ensiled
chicken mortalities with Foodpro® and processed with an extruder to produce a sterile high quality raw material.
Foodpro can also be used to preserve abattoir sweepings, blood and feathers to allow for further processing. For more
information please contact Nell Wiid at