Lactic acid disinfectant



Act5GNR529/292534/140/1037 ( Disinfectant or detergent- disinfectant formulation, NRCS)

Inline carcass sanitizer for reduction of spoilage and pathogenic bacteria

Combination of organic acids and polyphenols that act as a food preserver by killing pathogenic and spoilage bacteria. Foodpro contains foodgrade ingredients which is used in the international food industry as a pH regulator, preservative and collagen stabilizer. Foodpro has shown a reduction in spoilage and pathogenic bacteria such as Pseudomonas, Salmonella and Campylobacter significantly. Fresh poultry carcasses treated with Foodpro have a shelf life of up to 12 days.

Application: Mix 1 L in 200 L of water. Dip or spray product with mixture for at least 30 seconds before chilling.