Our philosophy

We support the philosophy of long term sustainability and responsible farming practises. That is why we supply a wide range of preventative products reducing the impact on the environment and limiting the build up of bacterial resistant strains in the food chain.

Who we are

Super Agri Science consists of a dynamic team of technical, sales, logistics and admin staff that are the core of the business and remain focused on service and quality.

We are a South African based company with many years experience in the intensive livestock industry. Our products are designed for the local conditions and fully manufactered in an audited, Kya Sands based blending operation.

Quality and Service remain two key pillars of our business and we will go out of our way to supply products in time to our customers.

The Company was started in 2009 by Nell Wiid a qualified Animal Scientist/Poultry Nutritionist with experience in all sectors of the Poultry and Animal Feed industries of South Africa.

Our range of antibiotics

Our range of antibiotics is targeted for therapeutic use and not for a general chronic use as growth promotion and prevention but for sick animals in need of treatment. All antibiotic products are only supplied under the supervision of the responsible veterinarian with a valid prescription.


Kitasamycin WS, Coli-Mix Plus WS, Oxytetracycline 5.5% WS, Tylosin 10% FG, Oxytetracycline 20% FG, Bambermycin 4% FG, Kitasamycin 10% FG, View more


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