Super Agri Science

“A company supplying first line of defence, nutraceutical, anti-bacterial and natural products to the Poultry, Pig, Ruminant and Animal processing industries”


Focused on health and production improvement products that allow poultry and pig producers and farmers to limit losses and improve production outputs under intensive livestock production systems.

Our product range evolves around Gut Health, Antibacterials, Sanitation, Site Disinfection, Litter Beetle Control, Stress Prevention and Nutritional supplements. Products are focused on the intensive livestock sector and specifically the Poultry, Pigs, Ruminants and Animal Feed industries.

All products are based on scientifically proven principles and treatment concepts properly researched by worldwide academics. Our products are designed and manufactured in South Africa from quality food and feed grade raw materials and registered with Act 36 of 1947.

Our core philosophy is improving the direct environment of the bird on the farm by creating the optimum environment both internally and externally to be able to achieve optimal growth, egg production and feed conversion potential. Preventative farming techniques remain key to long term sustainability. Our exciting and evolving product range will assist farmers and producers to implement successful preventative farming techniques.

Recent News

Technical Summary Cardio-os®

In the realm of poultry production, the significance of mitochondrial health cannot be overstated. Mitochondria, often referred to as the powerhouse of the cell, are essential for generating energy in the form of ATP. Therefore, any factor that influences...

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SuperZyme Technical Overview

What is SuperZyme? SuperZyme is a water-soluble cocktail of exogenous enzymes aiding the poultry digestive system in poultry on a maize/soya-based diet. The product contains Xylanase, Beta-Mannanase, Amylase and Phytase to make up a potent cocktail of exogenous...

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