Newsletter July 2019

Gut Acidification – The economic solution to antibiotic free production

Super Agri Science has established itself as the trusted supplier of economic gut health products to the industry.
We remain focused on health and production improvement products that allow poultry and pig producers and farmers to limit
losses and improve production outputs under intensive livestock production systems.

The recent addition of UltiGro TM Feed Activator to our product range has extended our offering to the industry to cater for all requirements.  UltiGro TM Feed Activator is a buffered formic acid-based product that delivers a water pH of 3.5, at cost levels of 13.5c per broiler per cycle  or less depending on the farm’s water quality. UltiGro TM Feed Activator is a continuous acidification product that is dosed through a dosing pump  directly into the drinker lines.

UltiGro TM Feed Activator will support high density feeding regimes for fast growing broiler birds. Commercial farm results have shown an improvement in feed conversion and an increased rate of growth when compared to non-acidified birds.

A further advantage of gut acidification is the reduced risk of pathogens such as Salmonella. UltiGro TM Feed Activator can therefore play an important part of any pathogen reduction programme.

Product Ingredients Dose rate Application period Function
Ultigro Feed Activator Formic acid-based 1 Litre per 1,000L of drinking water Continuous application. Day 1 to slaughter Growth Promotion;Improve FCR;Salmonella control
Gutpro Lactic acid-based 5 Litre per 1,000L of drinking water Intermittent gut acidification Promotion of good gut health;Salmonella control
Super Vitamin P Lactic acid & Bioflavonoid based 10 Litre per 1,000L of drinking water Therapeutic acidification;Anti-inflammatory Used for enteritis,scouring/ diarrhoeatreatment;Anti-inflammatory